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Direct Coaching with the Kontras Quartet


One of the unique features of our Chamber Music Program is that students as young as eight have the opportunity to work with a professional string quartet. We are one of the few Suzuki Institutes in the United States to have a Quartet in Residence, the Kontras Quartet. Both traditional and Suzuki-trained students will enjoy participating in these programs.


Students in Book 3 - 6 (violin) or Book 3 - 5 (viola, cello, bass) may enroll in the Prelude program, which blends a Suzuki Institute experience with small group chamber music coaching and rehearsals. 

For more advanced students we offer the Kontras Quartet Workshop, which is an intensive week of chamber music and master class study with one on one coaching twice daily. 

Both Prelude and Kontras Workshop students will perform a chamber music recital on the morning of Friday, June 26th. We encourage all parents and students to attend!

To register, you must complete a separate Chamber Music Registration form and include your home Teacher's email address so that we may send them a Teacher Recommendation Form. Send completed forms to as soon as possible!

Prelude Chamber Music Workshop - June 21 - 26 - $545

Kontras Quartet Workshop - June 20 - 26 - $595

*Course price. Does not include Registration or Housing fees.


Prelude Chamber Music Workshop

The Prelude Chamber Music program is a focused chamber music experience for students age 8 - 14 who want a high quality introduction to chamber music within the supportive atmosphere of a Suzuki Institute.

Chamber groups will be coached by Institute faculty members. The Prelude Workshop is also an excellent experience for middle school string students interested in chamber music study as opposed to a larger orchestra based camp. Suzuki and Traditional students are welcome and can have schedules adjusted to their needs and experience. Students in this program will have coached chamber music rehearsals and directed independent rehearsal each day, along with a master class, play-in, orchestra, and group class. Students will also participate in lunchtime concerts and interact with students in the Kontras Quartet Chamber Music Workshop.

Traditional and school string program students with two or more years of experience, including some form of playing in orchestra or a small group, are welcomed with the recommendation of their teacher. 

Students will have repertoire sent to them in advance and should prepare their part thoroughly for the workshop. Enrollment is limited so that each student can be placed in a balanced ensemble.

Prelude Chamber Music Students registration due May 1st.