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Virginia Suzuki Institute 2024


The Kontras String Quartet Chamber Music Workshop is designed for advanced string students in mid-Book 6 and beyond. Classes will include a daily masterclass, chamber music rehearsals, and 2 daily coachings.  There will be a Chamber Music recital on Friday morning and students will have the option to attend Suzuki Play-In and participate in the festival concert on Thursday night.  If you participate in a non-Suzuki group in your area or school and would like to take part in the Kontras Workshop please contact Sally Ross directly at for additional options.


String Students in Book 4 and up will have the option of participation in the Prelude Chamber Music Program which will include a master class,  group class, play-in, orchestra and a chamber music coaching and rehearsal. 

Adult Chamber Music Program will include a master class, a group class, orchestra, play-in, plus a chamber music coaching and rehearsal.

To register, you must complete a separate Chamber Music Registration form and include your private or school teacher's email address so that we may send them a Teacher Recommendation Form. Send completed forms to as soon as possible!

Prelude Chamber Music and Suzuki Institute: June 23-28 - $525

Kontras Quartet Workshop: June 22-28 - $595

Adult Chamber Music and Suzuki Institute: June 22-28 - $595

*Course price. Does not include Registration fees.

Chamber Music: Testimonial

Prelude Chamber Music Workshop

The Prelude Chamber Music program is a focused chamber music experience for students age 8 and up who want a high quality introduction to chamber music within the supportive atmosphere of a Suzuki Institute.  Violin students in books 4 and up and Viola and Cello students in books 3 and up who are fluent music readers, are eligible to participate.


Classes will include a warm-up class designed to prevent injuries, a daily masterclass, Suzuki group classes, chamber music rehearsal and coaching as well as an optional music theory or other elective or enrichment class.   There will be an end of camp concert on Thursday evening and a chamber music recital on Friday morning. .

The Prelude Workshop is also an excellent experience for middle school string students interested in chamber music study as opposed to a larger orchestra based camp. Suzuki and Traditional students are welcome and can have schedules adjusted to their needs and experience. Students in this program will have coached chamber music rehearsals and directed independent rehearsal in addition to their Suzuki classes each day.

 Prelude students will interact with students in the Kontras Quartet Chamber Music Workshop.

Traditional and school string program students with two or more years of experience, including some form of playing in orchestra or a small group, are welcomed with the recommendation of their teacher. 

Students will have repertoire sent to them in advance and should prepare their part thoroughly for the workshop. Enrollment is limited so that each student can be placed in a balanced ensemble.

Prelude Chamber Music Students registration due May 1st.

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