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The Faculty of Virginia Suzuki Institute is solely comprised of SAA sanctioned Teachers, several of whom studied with Dr. Suzuki himself. Many of our faculty have been with us for more than a decade, and several have brought their own children to attend VSI. All of our faculty genuinely care for the 'whole student'- not just their musical abilities.

Nan Freeman, Director - Hickory, NC

Sally Ross, Chamber Camp Coordinator - Hickory, NC


Libby Armour, Violin & Teacher Development Workshop - Memphis, TN
Eleanor Bartsch*, Chamber Music & Violin - Chicago, IL

Ann Barber, Piano - Knoxville, TN
Delaine Leonard, Harp & Teacher Development Workshop - Austin, TX
Betsy Fee, Violin - Greenville, SC
Gene Freeman, Instrument Repair - Hickory, NC
Kevin Freeman, Arts & Crafts - Ayden, NC

Leigh Ann Freeman, Arts & Crafts - Ayden, NC
William Freeman, Violin, Viola - Hickory, NC
Jean Hatmaker*, Chamber Music & Cello - Chicago, IL
Francois Henkins*, Chamber Music & Violin - Chicago, IL
Betsy Keville Hughes, Violin & Orchestra - Greenville, NC
James Hutchins, Violin & Teacher Development Workshop - Silver Spring, MD
William Kossler, Guitar & Teacher Development Workshop - Winston-Salem, NC
Joan Krzywicki, Piano & Teacher Development Workshop - Philadelphia, PA
Jane Morison, Chorus & Piano - Bristol, TN

Laura Shaw, Cello & Teacher Development Workshop - Iowa City, IA
Jeanne von Berg Sykes, Violin - Greensboro, NC
Ben Weber*, Chamber Music & Viola - Chicago, IL


*Denotes Member of Kontras Quartet - Chicago, IL