Follow the link below to complete our online registration form for either the Virginia Suzuki Virtual Institute, Adult Chamber, Prelude,  Kontras Workshops, or the Teacher Development Workshops:

You will also need to submit the Release Form via email. Send completed forms to

Once you have submitted your online registration, you should immediately receive a confirmation email. We'll then review your information and send you a Paypal invoice (this can take up to a week - we all have day jobs too!)- you can either pay via Paypal or send us a check (address below).

Pre-Pay Now Available!

Sign up any time to make monthly payments towards your balance! We'll send you a reminder email each month, and the minimum deposit amount is $100. To start, payments must be made by mailing us a check. (We're trying to figure out how to do an open-ended amount invoice with Paypal- let us know if you can help!) Just email us to sign up!

  • Great way to use Christmas and birthdays to help with summer camp

  • Makes it easy for grandparents to contribute

  • Early bird discounts will apply for anyone using the payment plan

  • Scholarships will still be available; normal application process still applies