Virginia Suzuki Virtual Institute 2021

Students Taking Note


Sanctioned by the Suzuki Association of the Americas


Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Piano, Harp

Guitar Lessons
String Quartet


Direct Coaching with the Kontras Quartet


Every Child Can with Beth Cantrell or Joan Krzywicki- June 18 - $125ǂ

Violin Unit 1 with James Hutchins or Sharon Miller - June 19 - 26 - $650

Cello Unit 1 with Beth Cantrell - June 19 - 26 - $650

Harp Unit 1 with Diane Leonard - June 19 - 26 - $650

Piano Unit 1 with Joan Krzywicki - June 19 - 26 - $650

Guitar Unit 1 with MaryLou Roberts - June 19 - 26 - $650

Violin Unit 4 with Libby Armour - June 18 - 22 - $395ˠ

Violin Unit 5 with Libby Armour - June 22 - 26 - $395ˠ

*Course price. Does not include Registration fees

ǂ$50 discount when combined with Unit 1

ˠUnits 4 & 5 combined price $725


Sanctioned by the Suzuki Association of the Americas

The Virginia Suzuki Virtual Institute offers opportunities for teachers to begin or continue their training in the Suzuki Method. We have various units of study which are all sanctioned by the Suzuki Association of the Americas. You may choose to be a participant or an auditor, the fees are the same. In order to be a participant and to register your units of study with the SAA, you must be at least 17 years of age, a high school graduate and fulfill the audition requirements of the SAA.


Participants must attend all class sessions and complete all observation requirements to receive credit with the SAA. Audition requirements are found online at: