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Virginia Suzuki  Institute 2024


Virginia Suzuki Institute: June 23-27 - $395

Jazz & Virginia Suzuki Institute: June 23-27 - $525

Prelude Chamber Music and Suzuki Institute: June 23-28 - $525

Adult Suzuki & Chamber Music Institute: June 22-28 - $595

*Course price. Does not include Registration fees.

Suzuki Institute: Testimonial

What Makes Us Special

The Virginia Suzuki Institute is a privately run family-oriented music camp with a tradition going back decades. Many of our faculty first attended the camp as students!  We have many families that return to us every year, and it's so special to see children (and parents) forming lasting bonds as they journey through life together. Each summer is like a family reunion- with the added bonus of bringing new members to the Suzuki family each year in the form of first time campers! 


VSI is located in the heart of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  It is a lovely college setting that lends itself to a safe, supportive Suzuki environment.  The campus is located near the Virginia Creeper Trail, historic Abingdon and Mt Rogers Recreational Area. 


The Virginia Suzuki Institute is a perfect fit for families with students of multiple ages, levels and instruments.  Students can register for a traditional institute program with masterclasses, group lessons, theory/orchestra and play-ins.  Older and more advanced students can register for chamber music and jazz programs that share grounding in Suzuki philosophy and provide additional enrichment in their area of interest.  Evening programming and recreational opportunities including an indoor pool and space for informal play and games, for families and students round out days in the idyllic setting of a small college campus.

Pre-Twinkle and up students of all instruments can participate fully in the traditional Suzuki Institute.

Book 2 and up students of all instruments can participate in the returning Jazz and Suzuki Institute this year.  They will learn improvisational techniques and may even have an opportunity to play in a combo. 

Book 4 and up string students can elect to participate in the Prelude Program which includes chamber music coached by the Kontras String Quartet.

Book 6 and up string students can be part of the Kontras String Quartet Chamber Music Workshop and focus primarily on Chamber Music.

Adult learners are welcome and encouraged to participate in the regular Suzuki curriculum in addition to participation in a chamber music group coached by Kontras String Quartet.


There will also be art, chorus, and sports & games electives to choose as additional activities.

More than just the families and the Suzuki classes, though- VSI is about the Experience. It is amazing to see the effect on students focus and mindfulness after spending a week connecting musically with others. Being immersed in such a music oriented environment, joining dozens of other families who all believe that Every Child Can is an incredible boost to the spirit. It is a wonderful experience to be supported by a community of  amazing individuals- not just for students, but for parents as well.

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